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How will you address your environmental impacts?

Happy Valley Nutrition Ltd will be adopting the latest state of the art technology, equipment and practices.


Click         for more information on our commitment to the environment.

Do you have support from the local community?

Local farmer support for an independent milk processor is strong in the region and we have had great feedback. 

Nehenehenui RMC is a strong advocate for the HVN project and submitted a supporting Cultural Impact Assessment report to the LUC Public Hearing. We have made a long-term commitment to work collaboratively with the Nehenehenui RMC to ensure that the construction and ongoing operations of the plant go smoothly.

How committed are you to Ōtorohanga and New Zealand?

We want to provide Ōtorohanga with an enduring business which provides benefits for the local community now and for generations to come.

We are a proudly independent, proudly Ōtorohanga based, New Zealand company.

Why are you listing on the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX)?

We have people in New Zealand and around the world who see the value in what we are doing – providing safe, nutritious, New Zealand milk products to the world – and want to be a part of it.


What is the construction timeline?

After pre-project earthworks are complete we expect the plant build to take approximately 12-18 months with a 3-6 month commissioning process on top of this.

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