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January 2021

HVN Drone View 1.jpg
HVN Drone View 2.jpg
Happy Valley Nutrition Team Pic.jpg
Shane on rock.jpg
Shane River.jpg
Spade isolated.jpg
Foot on shovel pic 2.jpg
Site blessing group in front of digger.j
Schick Digger.jpg
HVN Site 3.jpg
HVN Site 4.jpg
HVN Site 2.jpg

February 2021

6 Redlands Road Demolition.JPEG
Relocation of sacred rock.JPEG
Temporary access onto floodplain.JPEG
Andrew's Claas.jpg
Guy standing on stripped top area.jpg
Fenced site incl. HVN banner.JPEG
Waipa River.jpg
Zach's Claas with digger.jpg
Digger on horizon.jpg
Gear on-site.jpg
Realigned farm drain.JPEG
Eastern emabnkment works.JPEG

March 2021

From top of hill at Waipa Meadows.JPEG
1 - Low level shot.JPG
2 - High level shot of 5RR and Lot 2.JPG
3 - High level shot of 5RR.JPG
4 - High level shot of 5RR and works.JPG
1 - Panorama looking south across Dryer
2 - 7RR low shot.jpg
3 - Looking North across Dryer Tower exc
4 - Site Access Road Formation.JPEG
5 - Looking east down Redlands Road.JPEG
6 - 6 Redlands Road Site Clearance.JPEG
7 - Commencement of the Dryer Tower Exca

April 2021

Truck tipping.jpg
From Sitel Village.jpg
Totara Log relocation to Kahotea Marae.J
Dryer excavation looking south.JPEG
3 Diggers.jpg
Site tractor fleet.JPEG
Sediment retention ponds working.JPEG
First crane lift.JPEG
From North.jpg
Dryer excavation looking north-east.JPEG
Site entrance.JPEG

May 2021

May - Dryer Foundation Extent.JPEG
May - IMG_3873.JPEG
May - IMG_3878.JPEG
May - 20210513_Road Realignment Works.JP
May - Stream.JPEG
May - Exit road looking north.JPEG
May - Redlands Road looking east.JPEG
May - Site pic 1.JPEG
May - Extent of Site_07 May 2021_1.JPEG
May - HVN Signage.JPEG
May - Site pic 2.JPEG
May - SH looking south.JPEG

June 2021

June 1.jpg
June 2.jpg
June 3.jpg
June 4.jpg
June 7 Dryer Excavation SE corner.JPEG
June 10 Redlands Road Realignment.JPEG
June 5.jpg
June 8 Exit Road looking south towards milk reception.JPEG
June 11 Site overview_100621 (2).JPEG
June 6 Dryer Excavation N side.JPEG
June 9 Redlands Road Realignment (2).JPEG
June 12 Site overview_100621.JPEG

September 2021

Happy Valley drone images 0061 - WEBSITE.jpg
Happy Valley drone images 0063 - WEBSITE.jpg
Happy Valley drone images 0062 - WEBSITE.jpg
Site Works Anchor

January 2022

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